Strawberry Crumble Ice Cream

Homemade strawberry ice cream requires no ice cream maker!  It's made with a strawberry swirl and buttery crumble pieces

No-Churn Strawberry Crumble Ice Cream

Y I E L D:  10 servings T I M E: 4 horus

L E V E L: Intermediate T Y P E: Dessert


strawberries granulated sugar cinnamon all purpose flour butter light brown sugar sweetened condensed milk heavy cream vanilla extract salt

1. Make the strawberry filling: place strawberries, sugar, cinnamon and salt in a suacepan and cook until reduced and thickened.

2.Make the crumble: combine flour, sugars and cinnamon.  Add butter and cut into flour mixture until you have small pieces.  Place and baking sheet and bake until browned.

3. Make the ice cream base: Whip heavy cream until stiff peaks form.  In a large bowl add sweetened condensed milk, vanilla and salt.  Fold in the whipped cream.

4.  Fold in the strawberry filling and crumble pieces.  Pour into prepared pan and freeze at least 4 hours.

Serve and enjoy!

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